By Chris Dewhurst

Originally published in EUG #52

Antique Freak

Antique Freak is a short but challenging game in which you move around the screen collecting antiques including kettles, clocks, vases and teddy bears. But you must only pick up the type of object displayed at the bottom of the screen, which changes every so often. Run into anything else and you've had it! Ten points are awarded for each item collected.


In Bombhunt, you have been assigned to the surface of an unknown planet. Your mission is to locate and defuse time bombs that appear at random. But unfortunately, the best your craft can to is to convert the bombs into deadly mines. Run into one of those and, bang, no more bomb hunting for you!

To defuse a bomb, just move into it. You'll earn ten points for your efforts. My best score is 410 - can you do any better?

Game Controls

In both games, the following keys are used:

Z - Left, X - Right, : - Up, / - Down

Chris Dewhirst, EUG #52