Streets Ahead Patience

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #52

I have now done a revision of all my patience games and added a variant of Beleagured Castle. This is called Streets And Alleys and is a harder game as the Aces are not initially put out. This needed the positions of the foundations to be indicated on the screen so another character was added to the menu program and also the added instructions.

The programs are now, apart from Scorpion which is not one of my programs, written in a similar way and the procedures, which are common to all the programs are in the same order in each program.

I hope to write further on these programs later.

I have also added two features to my game Black Hole and hope later to add these to the other games -

1. Undo
You can now undo your moves by pressing U each time and you can take all your moves back to the beginning again.

2. Statistics
You are given a score which is increased each time you add a card to the black hole and decreased when you remove one.

Richard Dimond

Unfortunately Richard Dimond no longer uses an Electron for programming, and he has used a routine to display cards in Black Hole that doesn't work properly on the Electron. Therefore, only BBC users will be able to test his new Black Hole patience program. Also, Scorpion requires a MRB on the Electron is you don't fancy waiting hours for displays to be updated.

Dave E, EUG #52