By Robert Sprowson

Originally published in EUG #52

This file describes the program LISTO8 which adds a new listing option to BBC BASIC I, II and IV (Not tested on III). This new option splits up multi-line statements (ie. ones with ':' separators).


At any command line prompt, eg the BASIC command prompt '>', type:

      >*LISTO8 (RETURN)

The program will then install itself into page &C00 (the CHR$ definition buffer on the BBC and Electron or Econet workspace on the Master 128) where it will sit and wait until a program is LISTed.

If, on listing LISTO bit 3 is set then multiline statements are split onto new lines, even taking into account the other LIST options (such as 'Indent FOR...NEXT' loops).

Known Problems/Future Enhancements

No known problems.
Not tested on American BASIC III.
Repointing of the 'reset' vector, to allow the pressing of BREAK, as for example may be performed when pressing SHIFT-BREAK to boot a disk.


v1.00 First release version to 8 Bit Software disk user group.