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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #53


Whooosh! Activity level on the Electron front has leaped skyward with a brand new PC emulator, the news that Shipwrecked III is due for release in December this year and major conversion projects that make this EUG what it is! (Full!) Sadly, as usual, submissions haven't been forthcoming and, harsh as it will be to all new readers who joined recently under the impression the EUG mag was always monthly, it will have to revert to a bi-monthly circulation from EUG #54 unless everyone reading this wakes up!! Remember you now get paid for the time you take in contributing so get those articles emailed in and be a real part of the new EUG!

(Stat: EUG #52 should have been read by approximately 120 people. In the following month, up to 28.07.00, fifteen people emailed to say "Wow! EUG #52 was really good!" but nothing else, thirteen people subscribed (or re-subscribed) to it and five people sent in advertisements. Only three readers sent in real literary articles for others to read.)

!First Stop!

Who won the race to Electron emulation? Has time been called on Electron X*L*C*R? Who's registered And has another paper EUG made it to disk? The answers, as always, are here in the news column with this contents page and the EUG disk necessaries for new readers!


Part two of the BRAINTEASERS series invites you to improve a struggle through a maze and an intriguing 'Spot The Difference' game while we borrow an Elbug article discussing how to speed up programs by using indirection operators, which you can see implemented in HOUSE below.


Text Compression (All series)
Chris Dewhurst presents two "Big Squeeze" articles with accompanying utilities to get as much of that text into memory as possible.


Dancing Cartman Demo (All series)
The characters from 'South Park' infiltrate EUG so Eric Cartman can hum that "Kyle's mom is a stupid bitch" in a very irritating fashion.

ECG Simulation Demo (Not compatible with Electron)
A superb demonstration of heart rhythms and a quiz for all those interested in heartbeats. By Chris Richardson.

Jetcar (All series)
An addictive 72-liner that'll have you turning cartwheels! (Not.)

Magic Letter and Magic Number (All series)
Two more brain reading tricks from Roy Dickens newly converted to be compatible with all series.

Pyramid Patience (Not compatible with Electron)
A great patience game which is the very devil to complete. See it, play it, be amazed if you get down to six cards or less!


Back into moan mode as the Dave encounters Tynesoft's second MICROVALUE compilation, Britannia's Play Your Cards Right and Firebird's BBC only game Bubble Bobble. However, he seems to like House - It's Quite Good Really a lot more now he's debugged it!


House - It's Quite Good Really Adventure (Electron Only)
Now this is one fantastic adventure finally available for the Electron. Get ready for sick fun and games with politicians, the IRA, a bunch of Kurds, a guinea-pig and a vampire. With a fantastic loading screen too. But for some weird reason, the code goes haywire toward the end on a BBC.

Pyramid Of Doom Solution
A tried-and-tested walkthrough to adventure number eight from Scott Adams. But something's come to light at EUG recently regarding adventure number fourteen. Browse here and see if you can help.

Super Gran Solution
Now's the time to get to grips with the Scunner in this unfriendly kids' adventure that requires more than a little knowledge of the TV show.


There are two letters in our mailbag.

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