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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #53

Electron X*L*C*R: The Update

Last issue we reviewed, and reported on, Michael Grant's Electron X*L*C*R and how it was to come to the Elk. Unfortunately, the prototype versions of the game which did not work properly, despite Michael's persistent recoding of offending parts, have not yet made the grade and the project now looks set to be scrapped.

In the main, the problems were caused by Michael only having a BBC and so having "to work in the dark" on any problems encountered. He did manage to convert the music and fanfare to only one channel in the end and his latest version, with keypress detection altered and relocation procedures included, as a side-effect became compatible with all BBC emulators, including the Arc's !65Host.

A BBC only version of X*L*C*R will therefore probably appear on EUG in the fullness of time but not an Electron one. Unless of course, anyone wants to donate a Plus 1 and DFS Plus 3 to him.

EUG: The Electron Has A New Address

Dave M, of the Stairway To Hell web site, has registered the lovely web site address and produced a piece of code to relocate anyone who goes to it to the EUG web site. Although it is probably too early to be completely sure, correspondence to EUG via email has risen sharply over the previous fortnight and the two elements are probably intrinsically linked.

Harte's Elk Emulator Gains Praise

Beating MAME man Bryan McPhail, Thomas Harte has placed the world's first dedicated Acorn Electron 2 PC emulator for download from:

Currently "beta version 2", the emulator requires a whole new file format (UEF - Universal File Format) which is claimed to be incalculably better than all the most popular BBC disk image ones. According to those fortunate enough to have experimented with it, it is both working with at least 70% of Electron tape games and is constructed in such a way that, once transferred to the new emulator format, the emulated versions load fully in a few seconds!

The web page itself is constantly being updated too as Harte moves on to tackle ADFS and DFS disk formats plus those tricky games with changing filenames, CTRL codes and customised loaders. Check it out right away and imagine the possibilities...

Second Issue Of EUG On Disk Makes The Preview Stage

EUG #2 will shortly join EUGs #0 and #1 as being available on disk for those new readers wanting the whole collection in handy wallet size. The demand for EUGs #0 and #1 was very encouraging and the project will be continued for the remaining six issues (#3 to #8) in time. Meanwhile advance orders for EUG #2 can be placed by requesting it via email if your subscription is in credit, by sending a cheque for £1.30 to EUG HQ or by contributing something for the next issue.