Dracula Island

By Barbara Gibb

Originally published in EUG #53

This game is one of the rarest adventures you could ever hope to find for the BBC and Electron but thanks to Dave M, Barbara Gibb and Chris Richardson, it's now out there in cyberspace for anyone to download free after being contributed to www.stairwaytohell.com and www.8bs.com. This handy solution will walk you through all of the locations it has to offer, although you'll find some very 'interesting' things happen if you try playing it on an Electron and deliberately make stupid moves. All the Mode 7 characters haven't been removed from the Electron version.

Also, note that Dracula Island does not allow you to GET an object. You must use the word TAKE instead.

You start on a sandy beach carrying nothing. Go N, N (A clearing with a hut) and N (inside hut - note the hole in the ground for later). SEARCH HUT and TAKE the SHOVEL. Go S, E (west of rickety bridge) then JUMP across to land safely on a small road. Continue E (crossroads), E and E (cemetery). Here, DIG a GRAVE with the shovel. You will find a sealed coffin which you can't open yet.

DROP the SHOVEL and go W, W (crossroads), N, N, N (mountain track) and N to the shore of the lake. READ the SIGN but ignore the warning; you are safe providing you carry no more than one item at a time). SWIM (to reach the north side of the lake), TAKE the HAMMER then SWIM back across the lake. Go S, S, S, S, E and E (back at open grave), BREAK the COFFIN (with the hammer), DROP the HAMMER and TAKE the SKULL you have found.

Go W, W, N, N, N, N and SWIM (back to the north side of the lake). Go E to be beside a boathouse. A fierce native will block your way so THROW SKULL to frighten him. He drops a knife as he runs away. Go N (inside boathouse of a dead priest), FRISK PRIEST (find a pocket watch and chain, and a key), TAKE KEY, TAKE WATCH and READ WATCH (It indicates that every move you make brings time one minute closer to sunset). DROP WATCH and EXAMINE the PRIEST to discover he is a victim of Count Dracula. Go S and W, SWIM, DROP KEY, SWIM, go E, TAKE KNIFE, return W, SWIM again and TAKE KEY.

Go S, S, W (gravel drive) and W (courtyard of castle) then UNLOCK DOOR (with the key). DROP KEY and go N (entry hall), N, W (kitchen), N (garden), E (beside an oak tree), CLIMB TREE and CUT BRANCH (with knife). Go D and TAKE WOOD. CUT WOOD and type INVENtory to discover you now have a stake. Go E and N (inside stables) and SEARCH STRAW. TAKE the LANTERN (Note that it is empty, as usual). Go S, W, W, S, E, S, W (library) and DROP the STAKE (for later). SEARCH the LIBRARY (You'll see an armchair) and SIT in the chair. There will be a creaking noise somewhere in the house), TAKE the GLOVES and stand UP (creaking noise again). Go E, UP (top of staircase), N, E (master bedroom), TAKE the MATCHES and go W, S and D (back in entry hall).

Go S, E, E, S, S (crossroads), S (bottom of hill), UP (to top of hill - see a tap dripping oil) and FILL the LANTERN. Go D, N, E, E (cemetery), N (porch of church) and LIGHT the LANTERN. Continue N and W (to altar) then TAKE ROPE, SEARCH ALTAR and TAKE the CRUCIFIX you find. Go E, S, S, W, W, W (small road) then JUMP (to west of bridge). Go W, N (back inside hut) and THROW ROPE so you can climb down the hole. WEAR the GLOVES to protect your hands.

CLIMB ROPE (to a secret cave below the hut, guarded by a snake), KILL the Snake (with the knife). DROP the GLOVES, DROP the KNIFE and go E (tiny alcove). TAKE the CASKET, OPEN CASKET and TAKE the AMULET (Do not examine it). DROP CASKET and TAKE BALL. Now go W, U, S and E. JUMP. Go E, S and UP. FILL the LANTERN. Go D, N, E, E (cemetery) and TAKE the HAMMER you left here earlier. Go W, W, N, N, N, N (shore of lake again) and RUB AMULET. Do an INVENtory check to discover the genie has changed the amulet into a chalice. FILL the CHALICE with water from the lake. BLESS the CHALICE (For this you need the crucifix). You will now have Holy Water in the chalice.

Go S, S, W, W, N and W (library). SIT (to hear the creaking noise). DROP BALL and stand UP. There will be no creaking noise due to the weight of the ball in the armchair. TAKE the STAKE you left here earlier and go E, N, W (kitchen - see a door has now opened), W (top of cellar steps), and D (long passage - note the glowing walls). DROP the LANTERN and go S (crypt - see a box resting on a plinth). POUR the water from the CHALICE onto the lid of the coffin. This reveals Count Dracula. Finally HIT STAKE with the hammer to kill him.