Come Back And Contribute Something

By Ross Little

Originally published in EUG #53

Greetings from the far off lands of Norfolk!

Firstly, I would like to say a big congratulations for what you have done with EUG. I don't think anyone would dare to disagree that there have been some very noticeable (and positive) changes in the past few months. It left me feeling slightly guilty though. I always meant to start submitting again whilst Gus was at the reigns...

Still, enough of that tearful reminiscing. I am sending you copies of the original thirteen ELK PD disks (passed on to me by Robert Cooper who ran the only Public Domain library totally dedicated to the Elk). They include lots of software you might like to include on future issues - plus some ripped ROM images that are probably still copyright. (Best check before distributing them!)

I would also be interested to know how you feel about republishing (good) Electron User games. There were some very high quality ones but I doubt there are too many people who would spend hours typing them in these days even if they actually have the original magazines. This way, people without the mags could still enjoy them. If you want to, you should find the ELK PD disks a good source of material. In particular, Jetcar [Included on this issue - Ed] is a great 72 liner that becomes very addictive after just one or two goes. I nicked the opening screens from EUG of course.

Incidentally, I was a bit confused about the copy of Eliminator published on EUG #51. The copyright message said it was owned by Manic Software but it had been in the Elk PD library for the last decade attributed to A Houghton for Electron User. In my opinion, it was one of the best type-ins ever but it obviously needs accurate copyright information. The EUG magazine before also seemed to imply it was a brand new game, so I'm now slightly perplexed!

One final thing. Why has there never been a list of everything the Acorn Electron Haven [Also located at EUG HQ - Ed] has for sale on an EUG disk?

Ross Little

A few ex-Electron User titles (and The Micro User) have appeared on EUG disks over the years; mostly with minor modifications. Publishing them "as they were" is definitely worth considering now each EUG issue is more or less expected to be brimming over with content!

One of the predicaments associated with the better titles from that magazine gem might be that they may not run on a BBC or under emulation on a PC. Likewise, many great Micro User titles (that sadly don't work on an Electron!) wait patiently for the day they can be put onto a future EUG disk without upsetting the 'balance' of the magazine.

Whilst to name may now be to shame, the version of Eliminator submitted for review by EUG came from Mr Chris Warburton who had "written it as a schoolboy". In light of your new information, this doesn't seem likely. Not that it matters as all Database Publications' software is now Public Domain anyway. However, it does beg the question why he was at all interested in having EUG review it. Perhaps leave this open to Chris himself to answer...?

There has been a delay in preparing a full list of Acorn Electron software and hardware for sale from the Haven part of the User Group as it seems to alter on a weekly basis as some of it is sold, traded, bundled with Acorn Electron setups for sale at Although many Electron User magazines were sold after the advertisement in EUG #50, there has been no real demand for separate Electron titles from EUG readers until now!

Is guilt weighing down upon anyone else involved in EUG? If so, then there's only one way to throw it off - contribute!

Dave E, EUG #53