Pipe Loonacy

By Mike Goldberg

Originally published in EUG #66

Micro User Games

Over previous years, EUG has carried some of the best games from A & B Computing, Electron User, Computer & Video Games and Acorn User on its disc. It has also showcased some new Electron conversions of BBC Micro games. But one magazine which seems never to have had any of its programs 're-released' through EUG is The Micro User. This is simply because we were all so busy trying to track down the lesser-known type ins that, it seems, we literally couldn't see code staring us in the face.

Knowing what we're like, it is probably only a matter of time now before a library of all the BBC games published in The Micro User, and quite probably scans of the magazines as well, start appearing on the Acorn Electron World site. A cursory look through a sample of the later issues has revealed the little Acorn Electron is surprisingly well-catered for, and this program, Pipe Loonacy is but one example. Originally published in the December 1990 issue, this is a clone of the Empire software title Pipemania, a quite superior type-in done in Mode 5 by Mike Goldberg (of the Bones Demo fame).


Just like any self-respecting plumber, it looks like you're going to be too late to get those leaking pipes fixed before the main valve loses control. And each house you visit has a worse problem than the one before - more pipes to fix and less time to do it in.

Can you finish connecting enough pipe before the inevitable surge of water courses through the plumbing and soaks everybody and everything? And can you do it before tea break?

Game Controls

Use the Z, X, * and ? keys to move the cursor and RETURN to place a piece. You can lay one pipe over another, but it takes longer to position.

Keep your feet dry!

First published The Micro User, December 1990
Reprinted EUG #66