By Chris Dewhurst

Originally published in EUG #66

Squiggle takes place on a square board and starts in a corner square. You and the computer take it in turns to play one of three pieces shown, such that the path already laid is continued. You win if you make the path reach the opposite corner from the start, and you lose if you make it lead off the side.

This game was converted from the original RISC OS version by Barry Wicket, published in the May 1993 issue of BBC Acorn User. The computer combines two strategies in an attempt to win. The first - see FNcomp1 in the listing - chooses a random direction, avoiding paths that lead off the board. The second (FNcomp2) works out the number of moves to the right and up from the current position. If it's odd, the computer moves right or up, otherwise it moves left and down.

This game is but one of Chris' masterworks, as published on his new Lutius Project CD, reviewed this issue.

Chris Dewhurst, EUG #66