By Tony Kingsmill

Originally published in EUG #69

The Game

You have to manage an international airline company. You will start with three airliners and just 50,000. The aim is to be as successful as possible in your new job. When the game loads, enter your name followed by the name of your airline company. This will be followed by the main menu.

You have seven choices:

  1. Airline Information
    Vital information about your airline, including finance, profit target for the year, number of airliners, average number of people per flight and cost per flight and cost per flight per person.
  2. Buy An Additional Plane
  3. Sell One Of Your Planes
    Note that second hand planes do not fetch much money!
  4. Advertise Your Services
    Vital for making your airlines more popular - but expensive!
  5. Save Position
  6. Load Position
  7. Continue Month
    You will be asked for the flight price and you will be informed of the month's news etc. The bank manager will then give their monthy verdicy. Keep an eye on your bank balance to keep him happy!

Good luck!