The Nine Dancers

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #69

From the starting location go E, N to the pond. ENTER the POND and EXAMINE the RUSHES to find and GET a SHOVEL. Now go U and S to the tea shop. ENTER the SHOP and EXAMINE the COUNTER. GET the LOAF of bread you find before LEAVEing the SHOP and going N and E to the village inn.

ENTER the INN and LISTEN to discover why there is a police presence in the town. LEAVE and go W, N, E, E and E to the fields. DIG and GET the URN. Now go W, S, S and E before DIGging again. GET the PEG you find and EXAMINE the SCARECROW. GET its COAT and WEAR COAT as a disguise.

Go W, N, N, W and W. DROP the SHOVEL as you won't need it any more. Now ENTER the antiques SHOP and OPEN the PAMPHLET inside it. An envelope will fall out. GET the ENVELOPE and LEAVE SHOP. Outside, OPEN the ENVELOPE and a message will fall to the floor. DROP the unnecessary ENVELOPE and GET the MESSAGE. READ the MESSAGE and then DROP the MESSAGE.

Go S, S, W and N to the general store. THROW the URN at the window and the policeman will be alerted from where he was standing guard. Run S to the bus station and REMOVE the COAT. DROP COAT in the litter bin. Now proceed E, N, N, E, N, N, N and N to the stone circle. EXAM the ARCH here to discover a pixie barring the way. DROP the LOAF as bait and withdraw S to the arch. Now go back N and you will see he has made off with the food.

CLIMB the ARCH now and GET the cow-BELL. JUMP DOWN and GO ARCH. Go N and E then CLIMB the ROUNDBARROW and GET the PIXY-STOOL (a kind of toadstool). JUMP DOWN and go W and N to the derelict hut. THROW the PEG to get rid of the guardian mutt. Now ENTER the HUT and STUFF the dead HARE with the pixy- stool. GET the HARE and GET the horse SHOE. The sound of a bell or the touch of iron reputedly warns off fairies.

LEAVE the hut and go back S and E to the roundbarrow. DROP the HARE and the dog will eat it, falling asleep. Now CLIMB the ROUNDBARROW again and ENTER the ENTRANCE to the fairy world.

Go D and RING the BELL in the banquetting room. Move E and follow the fleeting figure W and W into the West Chamber. EXAMINE the DOORWAY then THROW the horse SHOE into him. ENTER the DOORWAY to the hidden chamber and GET the FIDDLE.

Now return all the way back to the stone circle: N, E, U, GO EXIT, JUMP DOWN, W, S, ENTER ARCH and S. PLAY the FIDDLE to reverse the witch's spell and TALK to the PRINCESS who transforms from one of the stones. Go E and EXAMINE the WIZARD. GET the KEY he offers you. Now go W and GET the GARLAND of flowers before going W again. At the lake, GO onto the GALLEON.

Now go W and OPEN the GATE. GO through the GATE and U. To revive the single stone, reverse the wizard's spell by typing "CIRCLE STONE" three times (If you do not do this correctly the princess turns back to stone and the adventure cannot be completed!) before finally you HANG the GARLAND over the stone. Something will happen!

TALK to the PRINCE and then TALK to the PIPER to complete the game!