By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #69

From the car go E, E and N. EXAMINE the POND and GET the PIPING you find in it. Go W, W, N, N and W to one of the two cabins that border the manor. OPEN the DOOR of this one and ENTER CABIN. EXAMINE the DRAWER and GET the paper CLIP you find there. Now LEAVE and go E, N and W. PUSH the SLAB to be able to journey underground.

Go D and OPEN the DOOR leading to the tunnel. GO TUNNEL and continue N and D. LIFT the TRAPDOOR, go D and FEEL around in the dark. PULL the CORD to turn the lights on. EXAMINE the BED, EXAMINE the TABLE and then EXAMINE the SHELF. GET NEWSPAPER and GET LIGHTER. Retrace your movements U, U and S. GO DOOR to get back into the tunnel. Now go U, E, N and N back to the front door of the manor.

EXAMINE the KEYHOLE and SLIDE the NEWSPAPER under the door. BEND the paper CLIP and USE the resulting thin WIRE to poke out the key. PULL the NEWSPAPER back. GET the BRASS key to avoid locking yourself out later!

OPEN the DOOR, GO through the DOOR and then CLIMB STAIRS. Go N and into the bathroom. GET the CHAIR in here and go S. LOOK UP and you will see a panel. DROP the CHAIR and STAND on CHAIR. Now OPEN the PANEL. GO PANEL. GET the BUCKET in the attic before going back D and W.

In the west bedroom, EXAMINE BED and GET the CREDITCARD. Return E, D, S, S, S, S and E to the second cabin (which is locked). USE the CREDITCARD to gain access and, once inside, DROP the CREDITCARD to free up space. ENTER the CABIN and, inside, EXAMINE the CRATE to discover a squib. GET the SQUIB and LEAVE.

Go W, S, S, E and E to where the pond's water is deepest. FILL the BUCKET here and return W, W, N, N, N, N, N back to the manor. OPEN the DOOR again, GO DOOR and go E. EXAMINE the CANDELABRUM. It is loose. PULL the CANDELABRUM to reveal a secret opening.

GO into the OPENING and inside, GET the Russian FLAG. Now LEAVE and go W and W. GET the ROD and line and go N and E. OPEN the back DOOR. Outside, you will be faced by a dog. LIGHT the SQUIB and THROW the SQUIB. A spark will ignite the shed so EMPTY the BUCKET of water over the flames quickly! Then GO SHED and find a step-ladder. GET the LADDER and LEAVE.

DROP the LADDER, CLIMB the WALL and JUMP DOWN. The gate in the field is not high so merely CLIMB GATE to get over it. Wander N, E, N, N and N through fields (past a scarecrow). EXAMINE the TRACTOR to find a flask of tea. GET FLASK and go E and S. GO into the CHURCH and LISTEN to the vicar's advice. Take heed!

LEAVE and go W, W and S to the stream south of the bridlepath. GIVE the FLASK to the fisherman and GET the HOOK he offers you in return. TIE the HOOK to the rod and line. Now go N and N to enter the bull's field. WAVE the FLAG, move S and THROW the FLAG. The bull will chase after it.

Return N to the bull's field, CLIMB the TREE, EXAMINE the HOLLOW and USE the ROD, line and hook to fish the metal box out from the hollow tree. The key will fall out - back into the tree. GET the BOX, climb D and CLEAR away the fallen LEAVES from the base. EXAMINE the second HOLLOW. GET the SMALL key inside it. Now you can OPEN the BOX and EXAMINE BOX to find a wad of notes. EXAMINE NOTES to complete the adventure!