Gus' Editorial 02

By Gus Donnachaidh

Originally published in EUG #15

Well, you'll have seen that we have a full menu this issue and a colourful opening screen. The other one was scrapped because I didn't like it. On EUG #9, it was ok; #10, again; #11, boring; #12 and #13, not that again! I am happy to say some members have sent in alternative opening screens and these will be used in successive issues in the order they were received. Anyone else fancy sending in a screen? Do so, it will appear in a future issue.

Now, regarding utilities-editor Richard Dimond. I hadn't put his name on the EUG letterhead yet mainly because I had no chance to discuss with him what sort of title he would like, or even if he wanted to continue. I am happy now to say that he does and doesn't mind what his title is. So Programming Boffin it is. He can be reached at his usual address but I would prefer you to send any queries to me here to pass on.


A word about the subscription codes on your address label. The number indicates the number of disks you have remaining. So if that number is 0 then you need to send in a further subscription to get the new issue. My arithmetic does sometimes fail me so if I make a mistake, tell me.

It has been suggested that EUG should have yearly subscriptions. I am working on this and the EUG information file is being amended to reflect them.


When you make a submission, I would prefer it to be on a disk. I have typed in a number of letters but it is very tiring. A replacement disk will be returned to you. The disks I use are of good quality but if you want your original disk, please indicate. Can you also write your name and address on any disks (in pencil) please? Disks will normally be returned when your EUG disk is sent out. If I have to return them at once, it will take so much time but I will if you insist.

Programs will of course be written in BASIC or, if you can, Assembly Language. Text is better sent in as a word processor file. Anything else you can send in as it is. But remember, send it in.

Diagram est ici

Diagram is on this disk. It isn't yet perfect and some modifications will be made with time. But it is working well. It is there to illustrate submissions so send them in.


EUG is a non-profit making concern. It exists as a forum for users of 8-bit Acorn machines to exchange help, information and programming. If you pass on your copy of EUG to anyone else who has not bought it, you are taking away the funds from EUG (which are needed to continue!). In effect you are stealing from yourself and all the other members.

I'm sorry to sound blunt but if someone else wants a copy of EUG, tell them to buy their own. This is why EUG must and will support the copyright laws as they stand at the moment. There are a lot of faults in the copyright laws but it is not the place of EUG, or anyone else, to change laws that we don't agree with. Only Parliament can do that.

Please, even if you disagree with a copyright, respect it. That way everyone benefits. The cost of EUG at the moment works out at about 65p per month for UK members and a wee bit more for overseas members. Not bad.

Overall, this disk seems a big improvement on EUG #14. It has several programs of interest, some interesting features, several contributions in the Help section and two software companies have responded to my invitation to advertise their products free via the EUG disk.

Adventuresoft UK sent their advertising on a printed sheet. I typed in the price list but I'm afraid the rest of it detailing the contents of some of their software was a little too much for my tired fingers. Perhaps by the next disk they will have programmed something like the excellent submission from HeadFirst PD. I for one shall definitely be taking a look at that.

Has anyone heard of a disk apparently published by one of the big software houses aimed at 8-bit Acorns? I have been told it exists but I cannot find it in any of the shops. I must confess I rarely read any of the Acorn magazines now because they seem to be exclusively aimed at 32-bit machines. Having once owned one of these, I have little interest in them and I don't want to pay the huge cost of these magazines to read about them. If anyone does have a copy of one of these disks though, how about doing a review in the next issue?

Commodore have gone bust. Another company falls under the relentless march of the PC. The latest version of the PC takes so long to load anything that even the shopkeepers are commenting. An interesting submission from a user group in New Zealand gives their perspective on the PC.

EUG #16 is due in October. Keep the submissions rolling in. They really do make for a more interesting magazine. And without your submissions, there is no magazine.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #15

P.S. Sorry this disk is so late. You wouldn't believe the succession of problems I have had. Though thinking about it, you might think they are excuses (which they are!) so I won't bore you. Anyway, thanks for being so patient.