Exile Helpsheet

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #15

In response to Christian Weber's request for help with Exile, EUG has received this helpsheet courtesy of John Crane and work is in progress on a complete solution to be serialised over the coming months. I have played Exile myself and most of what John says I can relate to. But I also seem to remember that I used some different techniques to achieve similar outcomes.

I never finished the game myself but perhaps if everyone who has played it writes about how they proceeded, we might between us devise the quickest way of defeating Triax.

Gus Donnachaidh


In Exile, there are a lot of things that need to be played a couple of times before you should really go further into the game. This helpsheet is intended to get you further and give you a few helpful clues for later on in the game.

When you first play the game, you will be in a small spacecraft. In the top level of the spacecraft is a button in the right side. Push this in. The doors in the spacecraft will now open. Go through both of the doors. let yourself fall but press the right key so that you land on the planet's surface. There should be some plants covering the surface. Hiding in one of these plants is a grenade. Find this plant and walk through it. The grenade should be knocked out into the open. Pick it up and now head left. When you come to the big main spacecraft (There are two rocket boosters by it), head up and land on the top of the craft. Now go left again until you see a small cabin. There is a door on the upper side of the cabin. Drop the grenade onto this and head up as fast as you can because the grenade will go off in four seconds.

The door should get blown away. Inside this cabin should be two more grenades. Pick these up and put them in your pocket by pressing the 'S' key. (By the way, grenades will destroy the green and yellow doors so this will help you later on.)

When you have got the grenades, go to the right hand side of the spacecraft (where the two rocket boosters are) and now go left a little. You should now see a tube. Go up this tube.

You may see that there is a grenade in the upper section of this spacecraft. To get it, you must stand on the undercarriage beneath the tubes and then do a boost jump. Now thrust up full speed, flying through the tubes to knock the cannon with your head. This may need a bit of practice.

Now that you have moved the cannon, you can get the grenade that is in this section. Do not put the grenade in your pocket as we are going to do something with it.

Now fall down the tubes and head left. There will be a gun watching you and shooting at you. You must now head down the opening (where the gun is) and quickly head into the small crack so that you are safe from the bullets the gun is shooting.

You may have seen a door as you were heading down. Drop the grenade that you are carrying onto the door and move back into a safe place. The door will be destroyed in four seconds. Now go down through the opening where the door used to be.

You will now be in another part of this very, very big game... There should be a door on your right and a tunnel leading south-west. Go down this tunnel and then, when you notice a tunnel going in the direction north-west, go up it. If you don't, a tube will let out some wasps that follow you and explode. You can store these in your pockets if you wish.

Now when you can, go straight down. There should be a side tunnel to your left. Go in here. It will contain bees. These are pretty hard creatures to move away from but you will soon get used to it. Get the grenade from above them (or wait until they knock it down) and store it in your pocket. Get out of there and head downwards once again.

When you get out of the tunnel, you should be able to go west. Go west and down until you come across a space-ship kind of capsule. Drop one of your grenades in front of the door. It will be blown away and a robot will be inside. Sometimes, you will be able to destroy this with one grenade. Otherwise, turn on the teleporter and push him into it.

Where the robot used to sit is the pistol. This will be attached to your suit when you pick it up so you can never drop this. To shoot a bullet, use the f1 key and then 'I', 'O' and 'K' keys to aim. The Space Bar will shoot the bullets.

Go into the teleporter. Five white birds (plus the robot if you didn't manage to kill him) will now attack and you're all on your own...

The following tips will help you further in the game:

  • To get down the windy shaft, get a boulder and thrust down
  • Don't kill the pink grubs, you'll need them later on
  • The pink frogs may get pretty high on these
  • Grubs like a bit of noise and soft ground
  • The pink frogs also like something else which is pink

John Crane, EUG #15