Under Pressure

By Tony Boarer

Originally published in EUG #15

Thanks for your letter of 15th July. Yes, it is Mr - as per the stamped addressed envelope that you did not use. Pressure of work, maybe? Since writing my earlier letter, I came across the envelope that Derek sent the previous disk in and noted the label had 5D2 on it, the same as yours. Therefore I conclude that you did not knock one off the label to give 5D1 in my case. Perhaps you omitted to knock one off all Derek's report for EUG #14. So EUG #15 will be the last of my current subscription. I will then renew for another five disks assuming your enthusiasm holds out!

You must have all the previous issues of EUG, disk or otherwise. I had a letter published in EUG #6. I had been thinking that an update was due for I have now expanded my system (with other expansions in the offing) considerably mainly as a hobby rather than looking after the pounds (as Will put it). This I still do and you can imagine that I have a large databank of financial information now.

Although now long retired, I have been very busy lately and have not had time to go through EUG #14 thoroughly but the high standard continues, I'm sure. I'm not too sure about steering away into non-computer subjects though. But we shall see...

Tony Boarer

By way of explanation to everyone else, Tony wrote to me enclosing an sae saying I had credited him with one too many issues on the label of EUG #14. I wrote back saying I used the quantities given to me by Derek Walker. Unfortunately, I did lose the envelope and his address label on the letter simply gave his initials. I wrote "Dear Mr Boarer," then I apologised in case 'he' was a she (Mrs or Miss).

I am still trying to organise a decent filing system for everything. All letters for posting are put into a box and then taken out and put into envelopes, addressed, stamped and posted. Return envelopes tend to get lost. My wife has suggested I put coloured paper clips on those with stamped envelopes. Ok, I'll try harder.

Thanks for pointing this out to me though, Tony. I have found your envelope now.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #15