Hyperball Screen Designer

By HeadFirst PD

Originally published in EUG #15

"Gareth Boden invites you to extend Superior's Hyperball
with HeadFirst PD's screen-designing utility"


The Hyperball Screen Designer allows you to design screens for the Superior Software game, Hyperball. You may designs your own screens from scratch or edit the original game files. Any screens you design yourself, you are free to sell, but we would be grateful if HeadFirst had first refusal on doing this. Screens produced from editing the original game screens are copyright Superior Software.


To load the screen designer, hold down SHIFT and tap BREAK. Select Load Designer from the menu and follow these instructions.

When the program has loaded, a message "Please Wait.." will be displayed and a few seconds later the screen will clear to reveal the editing area with a white block in the top left corner. This is the cursor. The following keys are used to design screens:

Z or left arrow Move cursor left
X or right arrowMove cursor right
* or up arrow Move cursor up
? or down arrow Move cursor down
0 - 6 Select block type
RETURN Place block
SPACE or DELETE Delete blcck
E Select screen to edit
R Rename set being edited
L Load set
S Save set
CTRL-C Clear current screen
CTRL-X Clear entire set
CTRL-Q or ESCAPEQuit program

The current block type, screen, and set are all displayed underneath the editing area, together with a picture of each block type.

If you have a tape copy of Hyperball, you will need to copy any sets of screens you design to tape before you can load them into Hyperball. A program to do this is supplied on this disc. To run it, select Disc to Tape Copier from the main menu.


In no circumstances shall the author or HeadFirst PD be liable for any damage, loss of profits, time or data or any indirect or consequential loss arising out of the use of this software or inability to use this software, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages. This software is supplied "as is"; no warranty, express or implied, of the merchantability of this software or its fitness for any particular purpose is given.

Copyright notice

This program is public domain and as such may be freely distributed and copied without permission. However, all files including these instructions must remain intact and unaltered in the copy, and the copy must not be sold for a profit (PD libraries may make a small charge (no more than £2) to cover costs).

The New HeadFirst Screens

Gareth Boden, EUG #15