The Bit At The Back (TBATB)

By Will Watts

Originally published in EUG #00

Well, that's about it for this, the very first issue of EUG magazine. Maybe it hasn't been the greatest thing since sliced bread, but then it's only been the work of one man. (Try listening to some stirring music as you read the next bit!) A man whose mission is to unite the world's Electron users into a force to be reckoned with. Never again need an Elk user feel like a single maggot in the great apple of life - let us hold our heads high and, gripping our mighty joysticks, we will rise up and dominate utterly all we see from far horizon to far horizon ............... !!!!

Errm, yes. Well, you get the general idea anyway...!

To be honest, it's not a lot of fun being a crusading hero fighting for a cause - all that standing about on hill-tops looking wind-swept and interesting plays havoc with ya haemorrhoids!!

So, come on, fellow Elk users - muck in and help!

If you fancy writing an article on any Electron-related topic, send it in and we'll include it in a future edition - if you can type it up or print it out on A4 paper, so much the better!! The same thing goes for all the programmers out there! - Send in a copy of your masterpiece on tape or 3.5" disk and we'll put it in the next issue - everyone will be credited for their work!

On the subject of the next issue...

After some rough calculations, we've worked out that with the cost of postage, packing, Pritt-Sticks, printer ribbons, paper, copying, Tipp-Ex and staples - plus blood, sweat and tears, you can receive the next issue of EUG for one pound!!!

That's right! One hundred pennies in the form of a cheque or postal order made payable to "W. Watts" will bring you issue no. 1 of EUG in all its glory sometime in mid-September!!

You know, we've discovered that setting up a User Group takes a lot of time and effort, but we think the Electron's worth it,............... don't you????!!!........................................................

Will Watts, EUG #0