By Ms. Bogus

Originally published in EUG #00

Why is it that my letter is the only one on this page? I am a two-foot blue giraffe called Mildred and I have owned an Electron from the day I first bought it. The Electron is better than the last computer I owned which was a plank of wood with a rusty nail sticking out of it and the word "cheese" painted on it with while emulsion.

The things I like doing best with my Electron are looking at it through the cardboard tube from the middle of a toilet roll and spraying shaving foam on the keyboard.

If you print my letter, please don't tell your readers that I drive a Lada. In closing, I would like to say that if a totally fictitious character like me can put pen to paper and write to you then real people should find it easy.

Ms M. E. Bogus, Knoplaice, Nevawass

Quite right, Ms Bogus! So come on folks. Send those letters in and let's see this page full of the real thing in the next issue of EUG!!

Will Watts, EUG #0