Will's Welcome

By Will Watts

Originally published in EUG #00

Welcome to EUG #0. This issue has no number as it is just a 'taster' to give you some ideas for future issues.

You may like some items and dislike others. Whatever the case, let us know!

This is your User Group and your magazine so the next issue will be as good as you help to make it!

This issue originally consisted of eight double-sided sheets of photocopied A4 paper stapled together and was sent free of charge to those first pioneers who expressed an interest in joining/forming EUG.

I have a soft spot for it myself. It was spectacularly subtitled 'The Taster!' and I produced the whole thing myself (with a little help from the Guv'nor, Alison - hence the use of the word "we" a lot!) - and had great fun doing so! I felt sure that when other people saw my modest efforts, they'd all rush to show how much better they could do. It didn't quite work out that way...

Will Watts, EUG #0