Let Us Out!

By A. B. Drumm

Originally published in EUG #01

My family and I recently got hold of a second hand copy of an adventure game called Terrormolinos which was made by Melbourne House. We are having trouble getting out of the attic. We found some clues to this game in an old copy of the Electron User magazine but none of them seem to help. Do you have an adventure expert on your staff who could help us?

Mrs A. B. Drumm, Runcorn

Quick! Call the fire brigade! There's a family stuck in an attic somewhere in Cheshire! Sorry to disillusion you, Mrs D, but EUG's staff of one is so thick that when I asked myself if I knew anything about adventure games I forgot the question! Fortunately though, one of our readers mentioned this particular problem in passing - and it's probably the limited vocabulary of Terrormolinos that you're having trouble with.

Have you turned on the attic light? This is a real nightmare and only the command ON LIGHT (or LIGHT ON) works. Do this (collect the gun, snorkel and suitcase) and then type DOWN STEPS. Simple when you know how.

While we're on this subject, are there any adventure experts out there? Want to write a regular column for absolutely no reward apart from your name at the top/bottom of a page? Is rain wet? Do ducks fly south in winter? Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight? ...

Will Watts, EUG #1