Observing The Crowd

By Jack Warburton

Originally published in EUG #01

Many thanks for EUG #0. I thought the result was well worth the effort. After the 'taster', I look forward to the 'main course'...

I've sent a cartoon which I hope will be of use. I got the idea from EUG #0. It's based on observations in a well-known newsagents and in a games store. A little immodest perhaps but then why hide your light under a bushel? I couldn't think of a suitable comment for it, but if anyone has any ideas...

Jack Warburton, Carlisle

Shall we ask Mr. Shaw for some suggestions? Perhaps not. We probably couldn't print them anyway! No need for modesty, Jack. Thanks for the piccy and your article which also appears in this issue.

Will Watts, EUG #1