In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #11


EUG is evolving and the magazine subscriptions detail has been delegated to Derek Walker. Here's where you can check out the new addresses, read Will's editorial, configure the EUG disk and view information on the group right here!


EUG Title Printer
Try out Richard Dimond's title printer utility and breathe a sigh of relief if it happens to be compatible with your printer.

Film Show
Simon Pilley presents another visually stunning slideshow. But this one has a difference - digitised animation!

Ping! Virus Simulator
Christian Weber demonstrates one of those nasty viruses that afflict less worthy machines.

FN/PROC, Label and Screen Dump Utilities
Three utilities from Richard Dimond that are only executable from the BASIC prompt.


Will Watts reviews those first issues of Database Publications' invaluable deskside companion to the Acorn Electron.

"Elk Entertainment"
Christian Weber with a double helping of cheats and game solutions.


Ski Slalom
Time to let the red wax fly from your skis as you hit the slopes of Will Watts' latest arcade conversion. Nice picture too!


Gareth Babb gripes about the questions put to him, John Woodhams discusses the computer desk bargain of the century and Derek Hilton goes roaming through his ROMs. Plus more from Richard Dimond and a plea for help from George Hersee.


Advertisements and brand new Electron accessories from Derek Walker!