Multi-Mode Screen Dump

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #11

Screen Dump

This is the screen dump program which I mentioned in my article in EUG #6. I have made the modification to use graphics Mode 4 as I explained and the Mode 0 version gives a similar print out as does the BASIC program in EUG #10. On running the assembly language program, you are asked for the Mode (x) and a M/code program called UCODEx is assembled. For example, the Mode 0 dump is UCODE0.

For Modes 1, 2 and 5 it will give a different dot pattern for each colour and so gives different shades of grey. These may be varied by experimentation with the pattern codes at the end of the assembler program. I have also added the line "Press RETURN to save the code" and have arranged the filename so that you may change the disk before saving.

UCODE0 is already assembled so that you can try this out to print the title screen. To do this, press ESCAPE and CHAIN"TITPRT" (or execute it directly from the Utilities Menu screen).

FN/PROC Lister

This program lists all functions and procedures in a BASIC program in memory together with the line numbers. When the M/code has been assembled the command *FPL or */FPL will RUN the program as I have used a routine I found in Electron User for printing the numbers and the program could be made part of a Utility ROM image.

Label Lister

This is a similar program to list all the M/code labels with their line numbers. It is RUN with *LBL or */LBL. Since it looks for the ".", it does occasionally give a spurious response if a "." occurs in a string. I have reduced this possibility by only allowing a search between the square brackets of the assembler listing.

To load the programs, load in the normal way from the BASIC prompt. The filenames are U.UCODEsc, U.FPLsc and U.LBLsc.

Richard Dimond, EUG #11