Honoured Helper

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #11

After reading Will's Editorial in EUG #10, while I could not offer to take over from him as I have not the equipment or the time to spare, I have some suggestions to make which may help to take some of the work off his shoulders.

I would be prepared to offer some help if this could be worked out and wonder whether anybody else might join in and make it a co-operative effort. I would be very sorry if the magazine had to cease publication and would like to help us to keep going.

One way we can all help, as Will suggests, is to send our letters or any text file in program form and I have this routine to suggest to do this to a View file.

In order to help with the distribution of the magazine, I suggest that we could send one of our own blank formatted disks for him to copy the magazine onto plus an sae for its return. This would save him the trouble of ordering quantities of disks and addressing and stamping numerous envelopes.

I have tentatively included on my disk the M/code Screen Dump which I use and two short utilities together with three rather colourful graphics and notes on these. I am prepared to try to continue to work these sections if this will help and Will approves of my effort!!

Perhaps other readers may have some further suggestions...

Richard Dimond
Sidcup, Kent

First, I should thank Richard for the help he has given already. His menu and selection routines have been used throughout this disk. I also think the suggestion that people supply their own formatted disks is one to seriously consider in the future. Perhaps this would be a suitable alternative to an inevitable price increase which may be on the cards soon. This will be a matter for Derek Walker to decide, as he now buys the disks required for each issue. We have also just had a national rise in postal charges. Although this was only 1p for a first or second class letter, even such a small increase could soon eat into the limited funds that our new treasurer has at his disposal.

We will have to see how things go...

Will Watts, EUG #11