Any Advance On Eighty?

By George Hersee

Originally published in EUG #11

Is there a View expert out there who can tell me how to get more than 80 characters per line? My printer, a Canon BJ300, will print up to 160 characters per line at 20 per inch. I cannot get more than 80! Also, if using proportional spcing and justification on both margins, it still requires more than 80 for a full line width.

Another problem which may be cured by the same means is that I often need to emphasise two or three names in a line of normal type. To do this, I pass the required codes to the printer using Highlight 2 and Highlight 1 (FUNC-J and FUNC-H). Usually, View moves the wording to the right to accommodate these extra codes, but there seems to be a limit before it automatically moves to the next line. Three emphasised names per line means an extra 54 character spaces to pass the codes and View does not like it. At present, I have to be content with CAPITALS and then underline the printed page in ink. Any help would be welcome!