Deutsch Database

By Gerd Deschner

Originally published in EUG #11

Why don't we establish an information pool for the Electron enthusiasts? For example, all Electroneers who are interested, put together (naturally on paper) all their:

  1. Hardware (including handbooks with descriptions)
  2. Software (plus instructions as in 1), and
  3. Literature dedicated to the Elk - a short description of the contents of the book, table of contents and perhaps the index.
  4. Magazines (issues available).

One of us with a powerful machine available can create a database from the material above so any enquiry could be sent to the person who manages this database. After he has interrogated the pool, he hands over the inquiry to the person(s) who could help.

Gerd Deschner

I'm not sure if the "Speak-N-Spell" could handle it...but it is an excellent idea! Would anyone else be willing to help compile this sort of information?

Will Watts, EUG #11