Beleagured Castle v1.0

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #17

This is a patience game that I learned from a book borrowed from the library. I though I could make a good computer version but I must admit that some of the routines for shuffling and selecting the cards and the designs are cribbed from a card game in Electron User (as they're needed in any card game!). I have made a few changes to them though to try and improve thr presentation.

Though it is simple to play this game, it does not often 'work out' and you must be careful not to build up any suit too far. They must be built up reasonably equally.

I have found that it is possible to repeat deals by arranging for the 'seed' value to be entered before the cards are shuffled. Perhaps some of you might like to try to add this feature to the program. I thought of doing so but was not sure of the best way.

The program could also be probably improved with more sound effects!

Richard Dimond, EUG #17