Monitor Wanted

By Michael Harris

Originally published in EUG #17

Many thanks for my regular rix of EUG news.

I am writing to you as one of your more senior members (aged 71) whose eyesight is failing and who is unable to use a television screen any longer. I am placing an advertisement in the 'Wanted' section for a monitor.

Whilst writing to you, could I ask you to include a Tape To Disk program in a future issue. Many moons ago in EUG #6, I also requested a multi-print program but I was unable to use any of those that were kindly supplied. Has anybody else had any luck with them?

Lastly, has anybody had any experience with the Electron and modems? Would I be correct in thinking that the Elk has not got the capacity to download information from bulletin boards.

Michael Harris

I use a monitor all the time and it is certainly better for reading text such as this. Make sure you get one that has a composite input though as PC types need separate syncs. I have suggested to Derek Walker that he might try to design a unit to run a PC monitor from the Electron. I know he is thinking about it.

I have been asking around for some time for a Tape To Disk program but as yet with no luck. Perhaps someone will read this and come up with something.

On modems, I used one for a while until the telephone bill came and I'd used almost as much as my wife. Now that we have cable, the bill has come down but the wife has decided this means she can use the 'phone more often so I still don't use a modem. You need a serial port to do so. One is available from Jafa Systems. I have one and it is very good. It isn't cheap because of the cost of the components but, like all of the equipment from Jafa, I can recommend it. I now use mine mainly for my Cumana Touch Pad which is useful for some things.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #17