No Problems But Tape

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #17

It's been a long time since I wrote to EUG so some of my comments may be out of date. Hopefully, they're still helpful. Firstly, of course, thank you for providing EUG and thanks to Will for all his efforts previously.

I have had print out problems with many EUGs. Where a file's length requires it to be split into two (or three), the means used to display them on screen requires SPACE to be pressed after each 'file-full'. But when pressing P for a printout, all I get is the last file. How do I get the first bit(s) of such files to print?

On printing out, how about an option that allows one to print all the newsletter at once (with perforation skip)? Unless I print it out, I don't have a copy to refer to when making replies. Plus I can read a paper-based EUG in bed if I want to. My wife doesn't allow me to take the Electron to bed for a read!

Someone asked a while ago whether anyone's Elk worked perfectly. I have only had the occasional hiccup. Our local Acorn repairer is very good. The ULAs in several of my machines have needed a light moving around to clean the contacts but even this is relatively rare when one considers that my machine (I only use one at a time) is used almost daily: letters in View, cashbook in Viewsheet and my customer (and other lists) in Viewstore. Overall I rate it as adequate on reliability. The problems I have had pale into insignificance against a hard disk crash on a multi-user system.

I believe I read in a recent issue about a problem with creating CDFS (Cumana DFS) disks. I have one of these interfaces and so does David Humphries. From what I understood, it could be a problem relating to disk 'size'. An 80-track drive will read the directory on a 40-track disk and, I believe, vice-versa, but only as far as the directory, being on track one. I originally had a Cumana Utility Disk that wouldn't load although I could read the directory. I though it was faulty and managed to get a copy locally but it wasn't until I got a new utility disk from Cumana that I realised what the problem was: I had a 40-track utility disk but my drive required an 80-track one. My system reads an Acorn DFS and will copy it to Cumana DFS without any problem but the DFS disk has to be 80-Track for my drives.

I'm still using my Panasonic KX-P1080 printer and it's never given me a spot of bother. I had to set up the Printer Driver for it though.

If still available, I'd like to get copies of EUG #1 to EUG #4 on paper. Let me know how much to send and to whom to send it to.

Can anyone help with a couple of tape games? I have an original of Boffin that has started giving me loading problems. We had to load part of one side of the tape and then turn it over. Unaware of protection devices I tried to re-record it. The first program is locked and had &0D as its name. The main program seems to be a turbo-loading system. The other problem is with Southern Belle which I have on a compilation tape (Five Star Games 3 from Beau Jolly, 1987). One side contains Elk versions and the other BBC. Can anyone let me have a copy of the first program on the BBC side? Mine has become corrupted. The Electron version works but only with the Plus 1 physically removed. Has anyone got a modified version that will work with the Plus 1 attached? The usual Plus 1 disabling procedure does not work in this case.

If Christopher Chadwick would like to drop me a line with queries on Viewstore, I'll be happy to respond.

I've enclosed a disk containing some compressed files of clipart. The compression technique used may interest Simon Pilley. On the disk with this letter is a copy of Viewstore for the BBC. I believe it was the only one as an Elk version was never produced.

In EUG #9, Gerd Deschner of Germany and Gerry Emson of Wooton both suggested the idea of a database of all the Electron-relevant hardware, software, books and magazine articles. I like the idea too. Has anyone taken it further? I have most of what I have in a database under Viewstore. There are about 450 items with more to be added. If anyone is taking this further, I'm happy to send a disk with my data file on it.

Alan Richardson

When I was compiling the issues of EUG #14 to #16, I deleted what I thought was a superfluous variable from Richard Dimond's code and that is the source of your problem with the printing. Richard had now given me a metaphorical clip around the ear and got the code back into order.

Your idea of printing the whole of EUG in one pass is a good one and I will see what I can do.

I was thinking of producing EUG on 40-Track disk for a while but I cannot find a suitable drive. My drive will read 40-Track but when I try to create a 40-Track disk on it, other drives cannot read it. Also, I have the suspicion that there would not be adequate space on a 40-Track disk for all each EUG offers!

Back issues are available costing the same as the current issue.

Can you send your methods of compressing the clipart to EUG. Then everyone can see how it's done.

Your database idea is in the pipeline. For EUG #21, due August 1995, everyone is asked to do write ups of their hardware and software with comments on how good or bad it is plus any other advantages or problems it creates. You have sent a list of software that you own but can you add comments about each of them?

If anyone helps with Alan's software problems, please send the info to EUG so everyone else can benefit.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #17