Wonderful EUG

By Tony Boarer

Originally published in EUG #17

Just a quick letter this time. Someone noted recently that they don't wish to read their own letters in the magazine...but then nobody does! Having read mine, I see lots of errors and omissions; not least of which my address hence no-one knew how to contact me with their redundant items!

I firmly agree with changing the titles of the EUG disk and cannot subscribe to Christian Weber's beration of it. I certainly would like to know more about readers. One would know more if we did meet up as a club (or User Group, to be precise!).

Similarly, I do not complain about anything published in EUG. I have the entire set of Electron User magazines including the first four issued with The Micro User but I am not all interested in most games, so I did not bother to study them. I'd be surprised if everybody enjoyed everything. Even if it was their favourite magazine.

I don't consider that we should put onto you the task of editing things out either - your freely given time to produce the EUG magazine surely is enough. We members should do our very best to ease the load! In EUG #16, Mick Comley's Managerial Irony contribution struck a chord.

In stating my main computer setup in EUG #16, I did not mention that I had the AMX Mouse connected via the Slogger AP2 User Port. Additionally, I will soon be ordering my second ROM128 to go in page 13 under the BBRAM by lifting the latter with two of the blue 'spacers'. This need to be above BASIC because some of my ROMs will not work properly, or not at all, below BASIC, eg. XBASIC. This latter is a fascinating ROM for those who are mathematically inclined and normal BASIC can be used with XBASIC in command. Also, for example, one can LIST a program from XBASIC with one command instead of installing LISTER, a utility given in Electron User some time ago. XBASIC does require a 64K computer, however.

Although I mentioned my 2 x 16k module (incidentally, this can work as one 16K RAM freeing a page - and the second page can be any other free one), I did not say that I had this made up before the advent of the Slogger PLUS 2; but I still found I had capacity problems. I can't see any capacity problems now and my third ROM128 will go in the Rombox+ with the Slogger Expansion 2.0 ROM as one of the eight. The switched lead will come out from the gap in the Rombox+ between the box and the Click cartridge.

Did I say a quick letter earlier? Sorry, one gets carried away at the computer board! One never knows what is around the corner! No more car maintenance for sudden constraints put on me - but in true computer fashion, I'm trading them in for a new model with computer control of the engine needing practically no maintenance.

Finally, does anyone have a spare Slogger Starspell ROM? I think it could save me some time!

Tony Boarer, EUG #17