Win The Lottery #2

By John McHugh

Originally published in EUG #17

In response to your request for details of Electron suppliers, a 15-page catalogue can be got from Bell Computers, PO Box 418, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 7YN. (Tel: 01908 370405) It contains mostly Electron software and spare parts. Also, remember Ribbons And Things (mentioned in a previous issue), still supply ribbon cartridges by return post for £5.99 for two.

As an answer to Christian Weber's article on EUG, I think that to restrict the mag only to 8-bit subjects, and to cater for a specified age group, would contradict the title Electron User Group, wouldn't it?

I have enclosed a topical interest program. It generates six random numbers from 49, 500 times then shows how often each number occured and finally displays the top six numbers. You can alter the 500 in line 70. I did try 1,000 but it was about as interesting as watching paint dry. Some Maths genius may come up with something more elegant (and readable) but if somebody cops a million, I hope they remember my name!

John McHugh, EUG #17

With the National Lottery being launched last week and, not having an unbiased method of selecting the six numbers, I decided to write a simple BASIC program to do the job for me. It is based on the RND(X) keyword to select the numbers with a simple routine to check each one isn't already in the list. The program could be improved by adding some graphics - maybe another member would like to have a go?

Derek Walker, EUG #17