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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #48

Computers and programmers alike saw in the millennium coolly but EUG #48 is big enough to make everyone's eyes bulge! News, games, articles, developments, mail, mega-utilities, graphics, demos and the original disk introducing the wonderful Configuration Menu with its Mode 6 text option! Send in your submissions for the big EUG #50 - due April 1st 2000!


Your "At A Glance" guide to another overflowing EUG disk! The latest on the Electron scene, the club details, who won last month's competition and of course, the stuff you're reading now!

Games And Demos

Find The Ace
Squander your cash with the American street corner favourite in your own home.

A slideshow of four Mode 4 screens from all the software by the ill-fated Imagine Software.

Invaders Demo
A nicely programmed playable demo showing falling stars and big, chunky sprites. From those nice chaps who ran HeadFirst PD.

Sitting Target
Hmmm, the version we published in EUG #46 was more than a little bugged. Hours of rewriting have produced this. Find out if it was worth the effort!

Volcano Demo
An intriguing little demo by Northern Micromedia. A volcano sitting in the middle of the sea (?!) - from time to time it spews out rocks!


ALARM SOUNDER (Master 128 and some BBC/Electron set ups)
The first of this month's submissions from Robert Sprowson, this utility will allow you to program your BBC like an alarm clock. Manual included.

Ever wanted to use bits of your BBC in hardware projects? Robert Sprowson directs the open heart surgery with this example. Manual included.

Be more of a boy-scout and don't just type SOS over and over again! Full documentation. Full documentation.

Print out and follow Robert Sprowson's documentation for a new OSWord command that restores the screen on your event. Manual included.

HeadFirst PD presents the definitive data handling and storage device - a database surpassing all your expectations! But it's for 64k Electrons only. Includes full documentation.

UNZIP UTILITY (All series)
Robert Sprowson helps you to import those BBC BASIC "zip" files to your trusty home 8-bit machine. Manual included.


A rousing reception for English Software's Kissin' Kousins but Ultrasoft's Aeronautical Dogfight 2 and Pres Games 4 come a cropper! Plus a unparalleled condemnation of BBC/Electron 'supplier' ProAction.

Adventures (All series)

Easy Adventure
As titles go, it's not one of the best but it is one of those few PD adventures that was prima facie Electron. This new version of it gives enhanced screens on a BBC. If it's really as easy as it suggests then someone should be able to submit a solution for it in no time!

Solution Corner

Part four of the Scott Adams' solution takes us through his wife's Voodoo Castle. Then fight Brian Howarth's Circus and chop off Medusa's head in Perseus & Andromeda.


The 8-bit-BBC world speaks through James Treadwell, Robert Sprowson and Richard Dimond.


This issue's opening screen is a JIGSAW frame and can be easily copied onto either your JIGSAW or EUG #46 - then you can try to put that pesky orange star back into place!

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