Perseus And Andromeda

By Jacob Gunness

Originally published in EUG #48
You begin in a marble hall: N, EXAMINE KING (He tells you to save Andromeda!), S, S, S, GET SACK, N, W, W, GET WATER, E, E, E, S, GIVE WATER (In return, the beggar gives you a discus - why did he carry that thing anyway?), GET DISCUS, DROP SACK, N, E, GO DAIS, PRAY (Athena gives you a shield if you have helped the beggar), GET SHIELD.

S, W, W, W, GO TEMPLE, PRAY (Here you receive some sandals), GET SANDALS, S, W, GO CAVE, EXAMINE STATUE (It wears a helmet), THROW DISCUS, AT STATUE, GET HELMET, E, E, GO TEMPLE, WEAR SANDALS, GO PEDESTAL, WAIT (The sandals make you fly!).

FLY NORTH, FLY DOWN, D, W, EXAMINE BUSH, GET BERRIES (The hyena eats the berries and dies), E, WAIT (You float again).

GET FRUIT, FLY DOWN, W, GIVE FRUIT (The blind man gives you a sword - how nice everybody is!), GET SWORD, GO PEDESTAL, WAIT, FLY EAST, FLY DOWN, D, REMOVE SANDALS, DROP SANDALS, S, GET TORCH, N, N, E, LIGHT TORCH, W, GO CAVE, GET NET, E, S, S, W, CLIMB TEMPLE, SPREAD NET, D, W, GET HALTER (The Harpies are caught in the net!), E, E, N, N, E, WEAR HELMET (You become invisible!).

GET EYE, GIVE EYE (The Graias open a crack in the rock), GO CRACK, N, E, EXAMINE SHIELD, WAIT (You see the reflections of the Medusa in the shield), CUT MEDUSA (The head falls off), S (Pegasus is created from the blood), GET HEAD, FIT HALTER, GO PEGASUS, RIDE PEGASUS (You fly to a small island), S, SHOW HEAD (The monster turns to stone!), CUT CHAIN. Finally, Andromeda is free again!