By Jacob Gunness

Originally published in EUG #48
From outside the circus tent: S, GO ROAD, S, S, OPEN TRUNK, GET SPANNER, GET FLASHLIGHT, DROP PENKNIFE, N, N, GO FIELD, N, GO TENT, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT, N, W, LOOK FREEZER (It contains a fish), GET FISH, E, S, E, E, SWIM (There is a seal in the tank), FEED SEAL (It throws a snorkel to you), GET SNORKEL, W, W, LEAVE TENT, E, SYPHON FUEL (With the snorkel - this gives you gas), DROP SNORKEL, W, GO TENT, W, W, GO CLOSET, GET WHIP, S, E, E, N, E, E, GO CAGE, CRACK WHIP (The tiger moves away - underneath it is a trapdoor), GO TRAPDOOR, S, LOOK PANEL, PRESS BUTTON (A hatch is opened), GO HATCH, W, GET BLUEPRINT, READ BLUEPRINT (How to destroy the terminal), E, SHORT TERMINAL (With the spanner. The self destruct mechanism is activated), N, N, U, W, W, W, S, LEAVE TENT, S, GO ROAD, S, S, FILL TANK, N, GO CAR, DRIVE CAR (The circus is blown away and the ghosts have been saved!!)