HeadFirst Speaks From The Shadows

By James Treadwell

Originally published in EUG #48

I enjoyed your review of Uno in EUG #45 and noticed some musing about HeadFirst PD. I apologise for not replying to your letters at the time, although I realise this apology now comes years after it was due. The fact was that HeadFirst PD did close down - but it was actually running for around two years in total (from 1991 to 1993).

As you seem to be taking the EUG Editor job quite seriously, I have dug out the Invaders Demo and the Shadow RAM Database that we produced. They are the only programs outstanding that have not appeared on an EUG disk before and they complete the utilities and games we finished.

I am very impressed by the new magazine's style and hope that your promise of monthly issues can be honoured!

James Treadwell
Ex-HeadFirst PD

Yippee! The rescuing of the Shadow RAM Database completes the HeadFirst PD collection and you can enjoy all the HeadFirst classics on EUG disks. For reference, a selection of HeadFirst games are on EUG #21 and #22 and the Mode 7 Emulation Disk utility (which should've won an ingenuity award for its software-based conception!) was supplied as part of the ADFS EUG #23 and on an extra disk with the DFS version of EUG #23.

This utility requires an operational Master RAM Board to work, making it only one of two software products ever released requiring such. I had been searching for the utility for ages and HeadFirst PD is immediately forgiven for completely ignoring me in my youth.

The Invaders Demo, first reviewed by Will Watts in EUG #7, is in the "G"(ames and Demos) directory. Note that it is an old demo now and its textual information is not correct.

Finally, I note that James is no longer a member but seems to have seen one of the latest issues...

Dave E, EUG #48