Easy Adventure

By Steven Flintham & Terry Smith

Originally published in EUG #48

This is a simple adventure, designed for beginners in adventuring or young(ish) children.

It is called Easy Adventure becuase the author of the original program, Terry Smith, did not want to give away the objective, so a more meaningful title could not be given.

The original program was written on an Acorn Electron with a cassette recorder, and was modified by me, Steven Flintham, to be more descriptive and user friendly. The program still runs on an Electron (the program even has an Electron-specific title page) in its enhanced form. Terry is currently working on a Part 2, although I don't know if he will ever finish it!

Since I can't give away the objective, all I can say about the actual game is that typing HELP or HINT will list the commands accepted, and that it is a simple two word input style game. Good Luck!

Steven Flintham, EUG #48