The Argument Sketch

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #58


This nifty conversion from one of the Amiga Monty Python's Flying Circus subgames tests your will against The Man From The Argument Sketch. You play Gumby, a lumbering and goofy chap (who was very often killed in the TV series) and your task is to keep the argument going for as long as possible.

In an ever-decreasing amount of time, you must digest the "Yes It Is" or "No It Isn't" speech-bubble that appears respectively left or right of The Man and react by moving the joystick in the opposite direction to counter his assertion. Failure to do so within the set amount of time results in him announcing "Thank You!" and ending the current bout.


Achieve the highest score possible. This is displayed above the playing area and replaced with your score (below the playing area) whenever you beat The Man for a longer duration.

Game Controls

Use a Plus 1 joystick or the following keys:
Z - Argue (Left) "Yes It Is",
X - Argue (Right) "No It Isn't"

The Argument Sketch

GUMBY. I'd like an argument, please.
MAN. Certainly. But I'm not allowed to argue unless you pay. It's a tenner for five minutes.
GUMBY (Pays his ten pounds). There you are.
MAN. No, I told you I'm not allowed to argue unless you pay.
GUMBY. But I just paid you!
MAN. No, you didn't.
GUMBY. Yes, I did!
MAN. No, you didn't.
GUMBY. Yes, I - Wait a minute, you're arguing.
MAN. No, I'm not.
GUMBY. Yes, you are. And you said you're not allowed to argue unless I pay. So, if you're arguing, that means I must have paid you.
MAN. No, not necessarily. I could be arguing in my spare time.


The idea for this game resulted from Duckworth's colour-switching Trench demo (published in EUG #57). To see how the screen is composed, type:

      >MODE 2
      >*LOAD G.ARGScr