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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #58


Would we abandon you, our loyal EUG readers, and close down the hive of 8bit activity that is the bi-monthly magazine you all love?! Yes, says your Editor, sick of carrying the Herculean load EUG has slowly become, and he will. Fortunately though, not for a while. And even then, support will continue to exist for the BBC series via the mammoth internet PD libraries. But, as you may have gathered from the spectacular Chris Dewhurst introductory sequence, this EUG arrives almost exactly twenty years since the launch of the BBC A and B and there's little slowing down in its world...


Here we are again in the configuration, contents, introduction and news columns. There may be no place like home but please, if you can, respond to our HeadFirst PD appeal! There really is no-one to ask but you!


"Elk Entertainment", and its scrapbook of cheats, pokes, hints and tips, is back after seven years in the wilderness outside EUG-land. We also compile a definitive list to Adventure questions you might like answered by Electron User and continue the never-ending Brainteasers column.


Goldminer (All series)
A new variation on the MR MINER style game, itself a variation on Repton and itself a variation on The Mine. Progress one step further with Chris Dewhurst's latest clone where, in an interesting twist, it is the maze walls collapsing that will defy your attempts to collect the ingots!

The Argument Sketch (All series)
"I'm not allowed to argue unless you pay." What do you think this is, a coin-op? Join us for a Monty Python classic given the arcade game feel of a professional release with joystick routines and colourful Mode 2 palette switching speech bubbles. It'll improve your powers of concentration too!


2ND SERIAL PORT (BBC B, B+, Master 128 series only)
Robert Sprowson's latest project helps you transfer from BBC to PC without clogging up the only port that lets you do it. Includes a full manual for the hardware you may decide to order.

The second and final supplement complementing the JOSEPH LAVERY COLLECTION reviewed in EUG #56. Loaded with a compressed screen depacker in the $ (root) directory.


John Crane inspects the newest Electron EUG 'spin off' PCW Software disk while Dave E's finger wanders down the M index of games unreviewed elsewhere and settles on Micro Power Magic 2, Microball and Moon Buggy.

Adventures (All series)

Dungeon Level 99 Adventure
This is the first of two former Duckworth adventures present in EUG and what this lacks in presentation is overcompensated for by its truly massive map, huge impressive graphics and 3D wire-frame environment. It is also a very rare title.

Island Of Secrets Adventure
This adventure accompanies the famous Usborne book of the same name and takes you on another mystical voyage into the unknown. Even without the accompanying atmospheric book, readers will find it playable.

Planet Of Muton Adventure
Now this is a pondersome addition to the catalogue of Adventures EUG has recently ousted. Duckworth's second little oddity is a text only exploration with a major difference to its neighbours - it's different every single time it is played. Ingenious coding and tricky problems abound.

Solution Corner

We are still having a few problems putting our Savage Island Part One solution into order so this issue we've settled on publishing Barbara Gibb's full solution to the Softek classic Eye Of Zolton.


Alan Richardson and Dave E argue over disks and Robert Sprowson and John Crane impart a few words on the BBC scene.


The HeadFirst PD logo, which is part of the appeal to gather up the outstanding HeadFirst PD disks (If you've got one we haven't, please send a copy to EUG!), is a Jigsaw frame and can be easily copied onto either your Jigsaw or EUG #46 disk. Create the colour file with the Jigsaw Editor then try and get that little smiley face into place again.