Electron User Adventure Columns Index

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #58

Have you ever got stuck in an adventure, recalled seeing some way out of the predicament in an old edition of Electron User but been unable to remember the exact details of where to find it? If so, then you'll know both that this greatly adds to the frustration of the problem you're being faced with, and that the only solution is to go through each of the 60+ "Adventures" sections word-by-word. That is, until now.

For EUG has compiled a complete checklist of all of the snippets of advice Electron User's Merlin and Pendragon ever penned. It appears across two files this issue in an extremely easy reference format and includes clues on almost every Acorn Electron adventure (plus several BBC ones!), even those that have subsequently been solved through the pages of EUG.

The title of each adventure in the list is followed by at least one of several descriptions of the contents:

Problems Solved This column featured quick replies to questions Electron User readers had posed.
Map A map of a certain area of the game. The majority of these were Opening Gambit maps; this means a map of the area around the starting location.
Overture & Beginners A column based on explaining very simple adventure game devices.
Solution Self explanatory but, as many were split over more than one issue, will usually be in a number of parts.

You can follow the links below to jump directly to the issue and the particular help you require.

A full file (A-Z) is also stored on the EUG #58 disk in the View file format as V.+ADVENT.