Crystal Castles

By Christian Weber

Originally published in EUG #58

Say Hello To Mr. Weber Again

I'm back!

I've been playing computer games since I was eleven. Which, considering I'm now 27, is quite an achievement. Or, depending on your perspective, an admission. I've watched the fledgling games industry grow from its bedroom roots to the million dollar industry it is now. New games offer the player better graphics, a more realistic environment, incredible surround sound for increased player immersion... The list goes on and on.

But you know what? I'm still playing games on my Electron! (Well, on Thomas Harte's excellent Electron emulator as my Electron is currently in storage 300 miles away!) Why? It's not just the excellent gameplay that made the old 8-bit games such undeniable classics (I still play Starship Command regularly); it's because I haven't managed to finish some of them yet! Take Citadel, for instance. How many people have finished this game with both endings? Not me, that's for sure! However, thanks to the invaluable and excellent advice from the Impact Software Club, all wouldbe adventurers about to enter the Citadel can now increase their chances of survival.

Of course that's not all for this issue. I've included cheats for the classic arcade conversions of Crystal Castles and Centibug as well as a nice little cheat routine for that frustratingly addictive platform romp, Blagger.

Citadel (Superior) - Hints And Tips

  1. The Monks
    To kill them you must shoot them in the eye. I advise that you spend a lot of time practicing this procedure
  2. Trampolining
    To jump a lot higher on the trampoline, keep the Up key and the Jump key pressed down. You can move in mid air whilst doing this by pressing the Left or Right movement keys.
  3. The Key Above The Water - Screen (3,4)
    Get the Ice Crystal from the cellar, the water wil freeze allowing you to get the key.
  4. The Blue Bars
    These are Iron Bars. Take them to Stonehenge (L10,1). They will be taken from you and turned into gold. You will be rewarded with valuable extra energy.
  5. The Witch
    Drop the Skull and 2 Bones into the cauldron. The witch will frazzle up.
  6. The Witch's House
    Use a trampoline or barrel to get onto the roof, then go in via the chimney.
  7. The Cannons
    Only one cannon works; this is in the Lab (3,D3). Collect the powder and the cannonball. Walk past the cannon and it will be fired. It knocks a hole in a wall so you can enter screen (6,D3).
  8. The Pyramid
    There is a secret entrance near the top of the right-hand side. To stop the mummies below the pyramid, drop the Egyptian Heads.
  9. The Crowns
    1. The bottom of the well (2,D4). Use the Ice Crystal to freeze the water. Then go right to (3,D4).
    2. The cellar (L2,D1). Use the trampoline or barrel and jump to the left into the roof.
    3. The Witch's Hut (L7,0). Jump into the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  10. The Crystals
    1. Above the start screen
    2. The Witch's Hut
    3. The pyramid - Take the Egyptian figurine across the tomb at screen (L14,D2)
    4. The lab (6,D3)
    5. Inside the central tower - go through the door marked 'C'


Blagger (Alligata) - Infinite Lives

      >*LOAD EBLAG1

Now wait until all the files have loaded then type:

      >!&2913=&D0D801A9:Rem Infinite Lives
Or:   >?&28EF=x:REM x=no. of lives


      >CALL &2872

Centibug (Superior) - Infinite Lives (10 Computer Hits 3 Version)

      >*LOAD CENTI
      >?&1BE3=0:REM Infinite lives

Crystal Castles (US Gold) - Level Jump

On the cassette version, to skip the current level, hold down SHIFT and the Space bar then tap the cursor right key.

Christian Weber, EUG #58