AMX Cutouts To RISC OS Sprites

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #33

Method 1

Obtain the utility ScrGrab from Jon Ripley. Write to:

  Jon Ripley
BBC User Group (BUG)
56 Longstone Road
East Sussex BN21 3SJ
Tel: 01323 732597

This needs installing in the relocatable module area. From the command line, type:

   >*RMload ScrGrab (RETURN)

Then go into !65Host and type *LOAD file 3000 (RETURN), where file is the filename of the screen you want to load. For displaying Cutouts, use a program called "Basprev", which has been supplied on one of the past EUG disks. I can provide it if necessary.

Once the picture has been displayed, press ALT and CTRL together and the image will be coverted to a sprite and automatically saved as ScrDump 1. Each successive image will be ScrDump 2, etc.

When you're finished, you can rename the sprites to something more meaningful.

Method 2

Obtain 6502Em from Warm Silence Software. Write to:

  Warm Silence Software
St Catherine's College
Manor Road
Oxford OX1 3UJ
Tel: 01585 487642

This is a full-blown BBC emulator that has more features than Acorn's own (!65Host).

When first setting up, ensure Sprites are enabled as per the setting up procedures supplied with it. Once enabled, this feature is available every time you use 6502Em.

Go into 6502 emulation. Display the clipart as in Method 1. Now press F12 to return to the Desktop. Select "Sprite" from the 6502 Menu, give the sprite a suitable name and drag the icon to wherever you want to save it.

That's all there is to it. Please feel free to contact me for further advice!

John Crane, EUG #33