Article Delayed

By Tony Boarer

Originally published in EUG #33

If you read the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, you may remember that one of the magazine sections carried an article about a relatively young familyman who was stricken with one of the Auto-Immune diseases (where one's own antibodies attack one's own body); in his case Sarcoid.

I have been attending the chest clinic at one of Plymouth's hospitals for some three or four years now and last year my problem was nailed down to another of the Auto Immune diseases - Cryptogenus Fibosing Alverditis - which briefly means cause unknown, lungs going fibrous and aggrivation of the mechanism that supplies oxygen to the blood.

To cut a long story short, a fortnight ago last Tuesday I found suddenly after breakfast that I could hardly breathe - rather frighteningly - but a doubling of my normal steroid treatment is gradually getting me back on course.

Before this happened, I was doing well with the Brain Tumour article, having written over 8000 bytes in Mode 3. Dare I say EUG #34 now?

My articles and letters are becoming like a written version of watching television programmes like Jimmy's (Leeds General Hospital)!

Tony Boarer, EUG #33