News From Down Under

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #33

Thanks for another interesting EUG on disk, EUG #32.

I now have my correct email address in case anyone wants to send me any digital information by electronic communication. It is:

Thanks to whoever it was for the Z88 address. No luck however. I wrote to Mr Woodward at the same address back in November 1995 and didn't receive a reply.

I've just received my copy of Sunday. Looks interesting.

Down under, Samcor has taken over Acorn's NZ distribution with Acorn retaining a support presence and another group, Edit, looking after software.

I've just started typing in magazine extracts (references) to find there is quite a lot of work involved. Has anyone else had a go at this? The idea is to be able to find Electron articles, programs, books, etc without wasting too much time. If I'm impressed with the completed file, I'll send it in.

Alan Richardson, EUG #33