Learning Experience

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #33

I've recently zipped through my collection of EUG disks and reckon my problems have been with the following:

Converting AMX Clipart to Sprite Screens for use on A3010 or similar

This appeared in EUG #25 (April 1996). I have found two ways of doing this for cutouts and screens, for which I've written a separate article (on the Articles Menu). Page files, and possibly a better way of doing cutouts and screens, are being looked into by Robert Sprowson. I'll pass on the details as soon as I get them.

Why can't T2p3 or similar games be run on my A3010 in BBC Emulator SWR?

This appeared in EUG #27 (August 1996). I haven't been able to solve this. However, if you stll have the tape games, then Warm Silence Software produce a nifty little gadget to allow a cassette player to be connected to a RISC OS machine. You plug an adaptor in the Printer port and then transfer your games to disk using their TAPES software and their Beeb emulator 6502Em. You can also do similar with Spectrum games.

St Catherine's College
Manor Road
Tel: 01585 487642

Accessing SCSI Hard Drives from the Beeb Emulator on my A3010

This appeared in EUG #27 (April 1997). Easy.

      >ADFS (RETURN)
      >*DIR SCSI::4 (RETURN)

I can also access my CD ROM drive in a similar way:

      >*DIR CDFS::0

This is quite useful, because a while ago Acorn User had a CD-ROM cover disk. This had the contents of a lot of old magazine disks on it, and the older ones have a fair amount of 8bit stuff on.

Anyway I hope all of this is of some use. One more thing I've just thought of. Some time ago, I moaned on about not being able to use a nice Word Processor, i.e. View, on my A3010, instead of the all-singing, all-dancing types which take ten minutes or more to setup. Well, if you can get hold of a disk entitled BBC2 from the Arm Club PD library, you can create a version of View, ViewSHEET or Viewstore which will work in the desktop of a RISC OS machine. It installs and works near instantaneously. All Arm Club PD disks cost £1 each including P&P and you don't need to be a member to buy from them.

  Arm Club PD Library
19 Woodberry Way

Right, that's it for my learning experiences. Following on from EUG #32, here's a bit of information for everyone.


Try: A. Nelson
114 Chestnut Street

He is, as I understand it, something of an expert. Although I've no personal experience.


As mentioned by Alan Richardson, the main man behind this is David Bradforth, and his address is: [Address removed as the company is no longer operational]

The company's not a PD library as such, but it is trying to keep up production of now defunct software for the BBC machines. Some of it is rereleased, some is revamped and there's one or two new bits as well. There have been adverts in the last three issues of the 8 Bit Software magazine (8BS #55, 8BS #56 and 8BS #57). In fact, 8BS members can get up to £3 discount on some titles. Perhaps EUG can negotiate a similar deal.

Right, that's it for now.

John Crane

Everyone seems to have one of these email addresses except me!

All I have is a little 386.

Still, my Elk suits me fine.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #33