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Database is an easy-to-use database system which dislays records in filing-card format.

The capacity of Database is limited only by the capacity of the disc and allows for 240 characters per field and 32 fields per record.

Alphabetical or numerical sorting can be performed on up to 32 fields and a comprehensive search facility is provided which allows an arbitraty number of fields to be searched numerically or alphabetically. The facility to search the subset is also included. The program caters for statistical analysis in that the mean and standrad deviation of any numerical fields can be obtained.

The program includes a utility which allows you to change the format of records after data has been entered. Data can now be converted to VIEW format, edited using the VIEW word processor and printed out from VIEW.

Included in this package is a booklet which takes you step-by-step through the facilities provided.

This disc is designed to be used with the Electron Plus 3.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 3.5" Disc
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1986
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Database (3.5" Disc)
Database (Book)