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"Probably the whole Start Programming book saga was one of the more costly Acorn mistakes - and it's no wonder there was a market for 'better' guides to the Acorn Electron than this!"
Electron User Group


If you've bought one of the new Acorn Electrons and you're a stranger to computing, then this book is the friend you need to hold your hand through a bewildering new world.

Start Programming With The Electron provides a gentle introduction to what your new micro can do. It takes a structured approach to programming techniques, and new terms are explained as they are introduced. There's also a handy glossy of terms at the end of each chapter.

Once you've mastered all the basic with this book you'll be in a better position to make good use of the mass of useful information in the User Guide.

Features include:

  1. problem solving
  2. sound
  3. graphics
  4. games
  5. using a 'turtle'
  6. arithmetic on the Electron

At the back are complete listings of the programs used in the book.

Have fun!

First Sentence

In this chapter we want you to learn how to write your very first computer program.

Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 16th Apr 2010
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Start Programming With The Electron (5.25" Disc)
Start Programming With The Electron (3.5" Disc)
Start Programming With The Electron (Book)