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Scott Adams, Mak Jukic & Brian Howarth

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"The best of the "Questprobe" games."
Computer Gamer

Listen up, True Believer! The world's premier comics company has joined with the originator of Adventure games to bring you the awesome QUESTPROBE Series : an epic group of home-computer adventures by Marvel Comics and Scott Adams in which you become one of the greatest Marvel™ Superheroes characters.

Much more than an arcade game and recommended by educators around the world, an Adventure allows you to move through a wonderous electronic world by entering English commands. In the HULK™, you actually control the intellect of Bruce Banner and the savage might of ol' Jade-Jaws himself, the HULK™. Your objective is two-fold: to unlock the riddle of the Chief Examiner and . . . to survive!

Each installment of the QUESTPROBE Series is a complete Adventure - you need nothing else but your imagination and a compatible computer. And you don't have to be a Marvel Comics fan to enjoy the fun. For all kids aged 8 to 800!

Difficulty level: Moderate.

How An Adventure Works
Read the standard introduction to Adventure International adventures under SCOTT ADAMS SCOOPS.

Some Helpful Words
Although the vocabulary accepted by your computer is extensive, you may find the words listed overleaf to be of great help as you set about your Adventure. Remember: These are just a few of the words available.

Climb Examine Leave Move Quit Say
Drop Go Light Pull Read Take
Enter Help Look Push Save Hit

One Letter Commands
You may use the following single keys to perform a variety of tasks and to expedite playing time. Type the letter for the function you wish to use and press RETURN.

N, S, E, W, U, D - Go North, South, East, West, Up or Down
I - Display inventory of items on your person
L - Look

Saving Your Adventure For Later Play
An Adventure will often last longer than the time available in a single sitting. You may save the game you are playing and return later to take up where you left off. To save a game in progress, type SAVE GAME at any time the "What Shall I Do?" message appears on your screen. You will be asked to specify A, B, C or D. This will allow you to assign a code letter to your game so that you might restore it at a later time.

To restore a saved game, type LOAD GAME before you begin a new game. The computer will ask "Do You Wish To Restore A Saved Game?" Type YES and type the correct code letter (A, B, C or D). The Adventure will resume at the point at which you saved it.

To end a game in progress, type QUIT. If you intend to continue the game later, be sure to save it before using this command.

Description of Marvel Characters You May Meet

HULK - Friend
Real name : Robert Bruce Banner
Occupation : Ex-Physicist
Identity : Publicly known
Legal status : American citizen with criminal record pardoned
Former aliases : None
Place of birth : Dayton, Ohio
Marital status : Single
Known relatives : Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk), cousin; Morris Walters, uncle
Group affiliation : Former member of the Avengers and the Defenders
Base operations : Mobile
First appearance : HULK #1
Origin : Robert Bruce Banner was a thin, bespectacled nuclear physicist who worked on a Government research facility in New Mexico. Having designed and overseen the construction of a nuclear weapon that had a high gamma radiation output, Banner was among those present in the instrumentation bunker of the test site of the bomb's first above-ground detonation. Observing that a civilian had breached security and entered the restricted test area, Banner told his partner Igor Starsky to delay the countdown while he tried to get the civilian to safety. Starsky, secretly an enemy agent, did nothing, confident that Banner would die in the expolosion and that the project would come to a halt. Reaching the civilian, a teenager named Rick Jones, Banner threw him into a protective trench. Before Banner could get himself to safety, the gamma bomb detonated and, irradiating its inventor with highly charged, radioactive particles. The radiation had a mutigenetic effect on Banner's entire cellular structure, causing him frequently to turn into the vastly powerful, green-skinned superhuman named by the military present at the test site, "The Hulk".
Height : 7'
Weight : 1,040 lbs
Hair : Green
Eyes : Green
Skin : Green
Powers : The Hulk possesses extraordinary superhuman strength, making him perhaps the strongest mortal being ever to walk the Earth. The mutation to his body caused by certain frequencies of gamma radiation fortified his cellular structure and added, in some as yet unknown way, over 800 pounds of bone marrow and tissue to his body. The transformation of Banner into the Hulk is determined by Banner's emotional state, particularly the emotions of rage, fear or stress. Perhaps the most important truism concerning the Hulk: The madder he gets, the stronger he gets.

The Hulk's powerful leg muscles enable him to leap to a height of 3,200 feet and a distance of 1.6 miles. He is capable of lifting 90 tons. Although the Hulk has never been provoked into demonstrating the maximum output of strength, there may well be no upper limit. He has been known to lift over 100 tons, and leap almost three miles.

In addition to great strength, the Hulk's body possesses a high degree of imperviousness to injury, pain and disease. The Hulk's skin is capable of withstanding great heat without blistering (up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit) and great cold without freezing (down to minus 190 degrees Fahrenheit) and great impacts without a puncture wound or laceration. It is possible to injure him; he could not, for example, survive a near-hit with a nuclear warhead. The Hulk's highly efficient physiology renders him immune to all terrestrial disease.

The Hulk's only power apparently not related to his physical attributes is his ability to see astral forms. The nature of this ability is not yet known.

ANT-MAN - Friend
Real name : Dr Henry "Hank" Pyn
Occupation : Former adventurer, biochemist
Legal status : United States' citizen with a conviction for treason that was later overturned
Place of birth : Elmsford, New York
Known relatives : Marie (first wife, deceased), Janet Van Dyne (ex-wife)
Group affiliation : Former member of the Avengers and the Defenders
First appearance : TALES TO ASTONISH #27
History : Dr Henry Pym, a biochemist with extensive knowledge in other scientific fields, discovered a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the "Pym particles". Pym was able, through the application of magnetic fields, to entrap the particles within two separate serums. One serum would reduce the size of persons and objects, and the other would restore them to their normal size. Eventually, Pym discovered a way to store the serum in gaseous form, which, when used, allows him to shrink or enlarge at will.
Height : 6'
Weight : 185 lbs
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Blond
Powers : As Ant-Man, Pym is able to reduce himself to the size of an ant approximately one-half inch in height. However, his mass remains constant, meaning that a punch delivered by a half-inch-high Ant-Man feels like the blow of a normal sized man.

Among Pym's more dubious accomplishments was the creation of the mad robot Ultron (see below).

Equipment : Ant-Man wears a cybernetic helmet he designed which permits him rudimentary communication with ants. He can broadcast up to one mile depending upon the materials surrounding him.
Real name : Stephen Strange
Occupation : Surgeon (retired), occult expert
Legal status : American citizen wih no criminal record
Identity : Publicly known
Other current titles : Sorcerer Supreme
Formal aliases : Stephen Sanders
Place of birth : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marital status : Single
Known relatives : None
Group affiliation : Occasionally associates with the Defenders
Base operations : 177A Bleecker Street, New York City
First appearance : STRANGE TALES
Origin : Stephen Strange was a brilliant, ambitious and somewhat arrogant neurosurgeon whose meteroric career was tragically cut short in an automobile accident. Strange sustained minor nerve damage which prevented him from holding a scalpel steady enough to perform delicate surgery. He invested a fortune in attempted curers and fraudulent doctors and saw it dwindle to nothing. He swiftly degenerated from recluse to drifter to drunken derelict. Then Strange heard of a learned man in Tibet known only as The Ancient One who could supposedly work miracles. Determined to find this miracle man, he made his way across the ocean and then the frozen wastes of the Himalayan Mountains.

Strange finally located The Ancient One. The aged sorcerer told him he would only consider helping Strange if the erstwhile surgeon proved himself worthy. Eventually, Strange proved himself worthy and became The Ancient One's disciple. He learned the arcane secrets of sorcery and, in time, returned to America to set up shop in Greenwich Village in New York City.

Height : 6' 2.5"
Weight : 180 lbs
Eyes : Grey
Hair : Black with white streaks
Powers : As Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Doctor Strange possesses a greater knowledge and mastery of the arts of magic than anyone else on Earth. Strange's magic, like most magicians, is derived from three major sources : personal powers of the soul/mind/body (mesmerism, astral projection, thought casting, etc.), powers gained by tapping this universe's ambient magical energy and employing it for special effects (transportation, illusion, casting, energy projection), and finally, powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power dwelling in mystical dimensions, tangential to our own. Strange also employs a number of occult power-objects which he wields by mental control.
Weapons : Besides his array of magical powers, Strange wields three major occult power-objects. The first of these is his Cloak of Levitation which enables his physical form to fly at moderate speeds (approximately 25 miles per hour) for indeterminate lengths of time. While Strange can levitate without the Cloak, the Cloak enables to fly with no personal expenditure of magical energy. The second power is the Eye of Agomotto, an amulet which grants him certain mystical perceptions such as the ability to divine the truth by gazing into another man's soul. Residing in his Greenwich Village mansion is the Orb of Agomotto, a crystal ball attuned to the mystical forces of the Earth. Through the Orb, Doctor Strange keeps constant vigil against the dark forces of the universe.
Ultron is a robot possessing the capacity for creative intelligence and self-repair who has become a menace to humankind. Originally designed by Dr Henry Pym (at that time known as Goliath), the prototype Ultron-1 was non-humanoid, consisting og one large torso/head on tank treads with two slender limbs. Shortly after its completion, the robot developed an irrational hatred of its creator and tried to destroy him. Humbling Pym, Ultron-1 hypnotized him to forget his robotic creation and evicted Pym from his own private laboratory so it could undertake its own re-modification process.

Ultron proceeded to design subsequent bodies. The end result was Ultron-5, a humanoid robot with a body constructed of adamantium, an alloy which, once hardened, can withstand a nuclear blast.

Over the years of its existence, Ultron has augmented his adamantium body with additional offensive weaponry, including an "encephalo beam", high power concussion blasters, tractor and pressor beams, an induction device that was able to absorb energy from Iron Man's armor, and a molecular rearranger able to shape admantium.

Ultron is physically and mentally far superior to man. Its hatred of humankind and capacity for survival makes it an ever-present threat to human life.

Nightmare is a malevolent humanoid entity, whose origins are unknown, who rides a demonic steed and "feeds" upon the dreams of humans for sustenance and power.

Nightmare's ultimate goal is to expand his dimension into the waking world by occult means, perhaps overcoming the spirit of Eternity itself. Nightmare has but one natural enemy in all the dimensions; the creature Gulgol, who never sleeps.

The mysterious overseer of the QUESTPROBE Series, not a lot is known about the Chief Examiner at this time.

Some Playing Tips
Be sure to examine the items you find during your Adventure. Also, keep in mind that most problems and solutions require no more than common sense to solve; special knowledge and information are rarely required. For example, if an area is too dark to see in, you are going to need a light in order to avoid disaster.

If you get stuck, type HELP and press RETURN. You may or may not recieve assistance, depending on what you are carrying, where you are at and a number of other factors. Too, be careful about making assumptions - they can be fatal!

Finally, if you are seriously stuck, special Hint books are available from Adventure International (U.K.). Call (021) 643 5102 for ordering information.

Here is a sample to show you how to get started in the game Hulk and how the Hint Book can save you hours of frustration while you are having fun solving the adventure.

  1. Can not get loose from chair?
  2. More help for above problem
  3. Solution to above problem


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Mar 1990
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