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Early Reading

Early Reading

Early Reading

"Sorry, not one I'll be encouraging my parents to buy!"
A&B Computing

"A very useful and attractive program for young readers."
Electron User


A fun packed series of brilliant games, cleverly designed to enthrall young children while teaching them to read.

Programs make full use of all the home computer facilities to produce wonderful coloured graphics accompanied by a rich variety of sounds.

Words used in the exciting games are presented in the bold way already familiar and popular in modern early reading books.

All graphics are clear and carefully designed to intrigue any youngster.

Specially designed exercises build your child's sight vocabulary in four important groups - transport, clothes and two sets of everyday dmoestic items.

All objects illustrated are very familiar to children and frequently occur in other reading schemes. Plurals are introduced at the end of each section.

Chshire Cat EARLY READING 1 includes:-

Sight voacbulary games
Reading aids
Full colour, sound and graphics
Familiar objects - transport, clothes, etc.

Children will learn to play the thrilling games very quickly - only the keyboard arrow keys are needed with the Space bar and RETURN keys.

Parents will need only a minimum of supervision to begin and then the children will happily play on unaided.

Exercises can be played through quickly and the child does not need to master the words in the early sections to be able to move on.

Learning will be a natural process as the child repeats the entertaining games and exercises.

Correct answer responses are rewarded by ticks and attractive sounds. Wrong answers are ignored as the computer awaits for another response - no fear of failure is introduced.

Cheshire Cat is child's play, after all.






Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1984
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Cover Art

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Early Reading (5.25" Disc)
Early Reading (3.5" Disc)