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Fun Sums

Fun Sums

Fun Sums


A fun-packed series of brilliant games cleverly designed to enthrall young children while simply guiding their first steps into the important yet thrilling world of mathematics.

Top-scoring Kicker Kangaroo heads a progressive program of brightly coloured and fully animated games with musical accompaniment.

Funsums has a carefully designed formula which fully integrates with first school teaching - although pre-school children will benefit enormously from its exciting teach-yourself technique that lays a solid foundation to future maths learning.

Sixteen flexible exercise programs of games for up to four children are contained on twin cassettes or disc programmed for your home computer.

Each child's name is entered at the start and a complete record of results kept. All games can be set at two ability levels with any number of games for each exercise.

Right answers to a problem brings a Cheshire Cat grinning from the screen a correct tick and happy tune. Wrong answer and the program gives the unsuccessful child extra help.

Funsums includes:-

Counting: Keep count of Kicker Kangaroo's goal scoring.
Number Recognition: Sail the required number of boats into harbour.
Sorting: Put the right coloured shapes into sets.
Addition: An easy introduction to sums and to those + and = symbols - coloured beads give a visual aid.
Patterns: A fun hello to the important concept of sequences.
Tallest: Spot the highest flower; an exercise in visual perception.

Easy to read, step by step instructions to load and run Funsums are contained in the package along with a simple parents' guide to each exercise.

Soon your child will be running the program unaided. Cheshire Cat is child's play, after all.






Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Jan 1984
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Fun Sums (5.25" Disc)