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Maths 'O' Level Revision Part 2

Maths 'O' Level Revision Part 2

Maths 'O' Level Revision Part 2


A brilliantly designed series of action-packed exercises that skilfully eliminate the traditional drudgery from Maths examination revision.

This totally new and exciting formula - devised by an entire top school Maths department - draws heavily on the graphics, animation and sound facilities of the home computer to intrigue, test and fire the imagination of the user.

A wholly flexible program uses an easily followed, step by step technique to explore the 22 major areas of the current Maths syllabuses of all the Examination Boards for O Level, CSE and Over 16 plus examinations.

Cheshire Cat MATHS 'O' LEVEL REVISION PART 2 includes:

Algebra Part 1: Expansions; Factorisation; Equations.
Change of subject of formula. Variation.
Algebra Part 2: Indices. Surds. Fractions.
Trigonometry: Basic trigonometry. Angles of elevation and depression.
Solution of triangles. Bearings. Sine and cosine rules.
Graphs: Travel graphs; Straight line graphs; Curves.

and much, much more...

More than 100 fascinating exercises, carefully illustrated and animated, cover the key examination questions and the program integrates fully with other parts of the syllabus available in the Cheshire Cat range. Cheshire Cat programs cover Maths from 1st School to A Level standard.

A vital additional exercise included in this program at O Level revision is an invaluable insight into examination techniques which are the cornerstone of success.





Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On 3.5" Disc
Original Release Date: 30th Nov -0001*
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Maths 'O' Level Revision Part 2 (5.25" Disc)
Maths 'O' Level Revision Part 2 (3.5" Disc)